January 14, 2023


Daniele, a 12 years old boy who lives in the poor and disadvantaged environment of Castel Volturno, discovers that his grandmother who lives 24 miles away, is about to die. To ful fill her last desire, which is eating a buffalo mozzarella made by Daniele’s father, a buffalo breeder, Daniele - together with his crush Martina - faces up a road trip to the Phlagraean area. The journey begins with a moped ride and ends up by walking, the journey itself becomes a path of self discovery and escape. On the way looms the hand of drug dealers, whom daniele is affiliated to as a drug courier beside being also a crack smoker, and the invisible yet tangible paranormal activity felt through uncommon people, unexpected encounters and the triggering of happy childhood memories. The presence of a mysterious woman hovers over the path, will he make it to freedom or will he be overwhelmed by the vicious drug system?

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